September 7, 2014
by Charles Gaillard

Lily & Madeleine

One of my most-played artists this summer was a folk-pop sister act called Lily & Madeleine; I first heard of them on NPR, where they debuted the first single, “The Wolf is Free,” from their upcoming sophomore album Fumes.  I was instantly spellbound: the two sisters, who hail from Indianapolis, have a rare gift for harmony, and seem able to weave their voices together in ways that warm up even the sparsest, most minimal instrumentation.  They tend, in fact, to prefer stripped-down accompaniment, preferring (rightly) to let their voices take center stage.

Moreover, their ability to craft gorgeous pop gems is remarkably consistent.  After hearing “The Wolf is Free,” I checked out their self-titled debut, which I found to be one of those rare albums with no skip-worthy tracks.  Their aesthetic leans more toward the melancholy than the upbeat, but carefully placed songs like the delightful “I’ve Got Freedom” save it from being overly morose.

Their precocity extends even to the lyrics, which take familiar adolescent tropes to abstract, and sometimes even surreal, places.  One can find, in fact, several stunning turns of phrase, my favorite of which comes from the achingly beautiful “Back to the River”: “If only my feet could fall as fast as a heart does, I would be long gone.”

Their second album, Fumes, comes out on October 28; check out “The Wolf is Free” below.

September 1, 2014
by James Hitchcock

Sign up for your show slot!

Summer’s almost over, which means classes are coming up… but so is WCFM! We’re looking forward to another exciting year of dope beats, sweet DJing, and arguably above-average partying at the station. For all those of you looking to keep the dream alive with another round of your show (or two!), you should have received an email several days ago with a form for signing up for shows. However, it looks like it may not have gone out to everyone, so here’s take two, courtesy of our Program Director, Wilfred Guerron:

The Sign Up Form!

If you could fill this out before this Sunday, September 7th, we’ll get you reregistered for the semester with a chill new slot.

Show times will start regularly the Monday afterward! Expect an all-DJ meeting the weekend after, on September 14th (precise details to come on that one!).

Please feel free to shoot any questions to Wilfred at wg2[at] or to yours truly at jah4[at]!

Otherwise, see you around the station!


May 16, 2014
by Rahul Nath

Mac Miller disappoints with decent yet lackluster ‘Faces’

Right now, Mac Miller (the nom de guerre of Pittsburgh native Malcolm McCormick) is one of the most interesting rappers around. Paradoxically, this is at least partly due to the fact that his early releases weren’t really “interesting” at all: little of Mac Miller’s breakout K.I.D.S. mixtape (or other comparable fare) suggested that he would ever leave the pop-rap territory he shared with artists such as Wiz Khalifa and Asher Roth. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing,(I genuinely consider K.I.D.S. to be a low-key masterpiece)but it seemed like Mac Miller just wasn’t interested in pursuing more risky, ambitious projects. Fortunately, this wasn’t the case, and his evolution…read more By Charlie Gaillard

May 7, 2014
by Rahul Nath

The Knife surprises with bizarre yet joyful performance

Listening to Swedish electronic duo The Knife’s 2006 album Silent Shout is an auditory nightmare. Often likened to a soundtrack for a haunted house, the music is threatening, disorienting and paranoia-inducing, yet undeniably thrilling and fascinating. The first three tracks send the listener down the darker side of the rabbit hole, plunging him or her headfirst into a world…read more By Brady Hirsch

May 5, 2014
by Charles Gaillard

Lil Wayne / Believe Me (ft. Drake)

The first single from Tha Carter V, Lil Wayne’s latest (final?) installment in his “Carter” series, is finally here!  Floyd Mayweather previewed the sleek, muted beat on his instagram a few days ago, and the mastered version of “Believe Me” (featuring Young Money cohort and frequent collaborator Drake) has Wayne and Drake trading verses on it for nearly 6 minutes.  While it’s great to hear Wayne again, Drake’s the one who truly shines here; ultimately, “Believe Me” sounds like a Wayne feature on a Drake track, not the other way around.  Check it out below.